2. got bored and decided to shoot some macro fine art stuff….. i think they turned out pretty well


  3. this was a little area we went to and found an amazing place to eat and the streets where perfect to catch the light for the sun set 


  4. this is another one for my trip to the great north, this one is of Niagara falls. i found this amazing location at the base of the falls where you could really get a sense of the magnitude of it all. the only down side was that the spray from the water fall was so intense that a few more seconds and the camera would have fried. in the end i think it was well worth the risk.


  5. i shot this guy while i was in Canada, i found him at kensington market just chilling on the pavement playing beautiful songs with his busted violin bow, he was a very friendly guy and did not mind any one shooting him at all, at that time of day it was near perfect light to shoot him so im pretty amped on how it turned out.


  6. So i was doing a job at The Rand Club in C-B-D Johannesburg, it was a simple photo booth and event type job but ended up doing a full shoot with the burlesque girls that where there for entertainment. some of the images actually came out really nicely. Here is one for your enjoyment.